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Hey2go hairsystems are prefabricated. They are so-called “instant programmes” which are available in different colours and densities. These hair pieces offer only limited possibilities in terms of individualisation, but they are available immediately so that you don’t have to wait long for your #HEYNEWME moment.

hey custom-made hairsystems are customised hairsystems that are tailored exactly to the customer’s needs. We determine the hair density and thickness, the structure as well as the colour including the proportion of grey. You can also choose from various bases: from lace to foil to monofilament or a combination of different materials. A custom-made hair piece has longer delivery times as it is individually made by hand.

Hairsystems are often a solution for men and women who are affected by hair loss. There are various reasons for it, e.g. genetic hair loss, diffuse hair loss or circumscribed hair loss. Moreover, it can be caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

The first step on the way to your hairsystem is a personal consultation – online or on site in Hamburg. We analyse your hair situation together and work out the optimal solution.

Your hairsystem requires care – just like your own hair. The optimal care depends on your individual hair situation. Some customers take off their hair piece every evening and maintain it themselves. Others wear their hairsystem for 4 weeks and visit our studio for on-site services. In any case, we support you with trainings, the right products and long-term assistance.

Hairsystems are available in different colours. The hair colour is customised for you. When opting for a hey2go instant programme, you can choose from 60-70 colour shades. A custom-made hairsystem offers almost endless possibilities.

Yes, you can maintain your hairsystem yourself. Our service includes training, during which we show you the individual steps. Our Expert System comprises all products that you need to clean and maintain your hairsystem and your scalp. If you have any questions, our support team will assist you. Moreover, you can find some helpful tutorials on YouTube.

Yes, the hairsystem stays in place when going swimming or diving if a water-resistant adhesive is used. You can go swimming in the sea as well as in a swimming pool if the hair piece is attached appropriately. When being outdoors, it is important to protect your hair replacement from UV damage – e.g. by means of our Hair Protector.

Our hairsystems also stand up to situations that make you sweat. To ensure that your hairsystem meets all requirements, we discuss aspects like your profession and lifestyle during the consultation. If you perspire a lot, you need breathable materials; a more robust base is preferable if your daily routine is very demanding. We suggest solutions to our customers which suit them and their life.

The answer varies from person to person. Some wear their hairsystem for 4 weeks straight, others take off their hair piece every evening. Hairsystem wearers find out for themselves what feels comfortable and how the hairsystem can be integrated in their daily routine. We train all customers so they can change and maintain their hair replacement at home. If any questions arise in the process, our support team will assist you, e.g. via video call. Many treat themselves to a regular visit to our studio in Hamburg instead.

The lifespan of a hairsystem varies. It depends on various factors, e.g. how robust the base is, how many hairsystems are worn in rotation, how heavy the strain on them is and how well they are maintained. It is therefore not possible to give a general answer. We’d be happy to answer this question individually after a consultation appointment – free of charge and without any obligation.

Yes, hairsystems can conceal receding hairlines very well. It is very important that our hair pieces are firmly attached. This requires a certain surface area, which is why our hairsystems cover not only the receding hairline, but the entire front and maybe also the top of the head. For this reason, we analyse our customers’ individual hair situation and suggest an appropriate solution.


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A free, non-binding consultation is the first step to a hairsystem – and it’s also possible online.


At +49 40 37 51 99 28, our friendly support team provides you with help and advice from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6.30 PM.


Whether you have initial questions regarding hairsystems or want to make an appointment – just text us via WhatsApp.

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